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Invisible Cities is a long form music and arts festival in the form of 8 once-off events set in the empty and unused spaces of Johannesburg. Transitional spaces that are no longer what they once were, and not yet what they will soon become. Rooftops, hallways, stairwells and facades are transformed into snapshots of a possible Johannesburg.

There is a lot of talk about what Johannesburg is, what it was and what it is becoming. It is a city in, perhaps eternal, transition. This is a privilege for us, the people who call it ours. We can make Johannesburg whatever we want it to be. The city is here, asking us to shape it. While some look to European cities and envy their long established routines, venues and structures in the arts, there are those of us who see the blank canvas and embrace it. We see what we want our city to be, we see it’s place in the world, and we see the importance of our contributions.

A curatorial approach is taken to pairing the musicians for each event. They are not being paired for the sake of similarity or difference, but for the possibilities that could be realized by the meeting of personalities. They are being chosen for their uniqueness, open mindedness and commitment to the diversity of the Johannesburg cultural landscape. Johannesburg holds a number of artists who choose music as their main form of expression. These are the ones we’re interested in.



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João Orecchia

Mushroom Hour 1/2 Hour